NovaVue for Healthcare

Optimize Energy Efficiency and Reliability in Healthcare Facilities with NovaVue

Healthcare facilities face unique challenges when it comes to energy management. The need for reliable, continuous power is critical to ensure patient safety, support complex medical equipment, and maintain optimal conditions. NovaVue offers a comprehensive solution designed specifically to meet the energy monitoring needs of healthcare environments.

1. Ensuring Uninterrupted Power Supply

In healthcare, an uninterrupted power supply is non-negotiable. NovaVue provides real-time monitoring and advanced analytics to ensure your facility’s power systems are operating flawlessly. By identifying potential issues before they escalate, NovaVue helps prevent power outages that could compromise patient care.

2. Precision and Accuracy in Energy Monitoring

NovaVue’s sophisticated algorithms ensure precision and accuracy in energy monitoring. Our unique ‘time buckets’ method aggregates and analyzes data with high fidelity, providing you with reliable metrics that are crucial for making informed decisions about your facility’s energy use.

3. Enhanced Equipment Performance and Longevity

Medical equipment requires stable and reliable power to function correctly. NovaVue helps you monitor and manage power quality, reducing the risk of equipment malfunctions and extending the lifespan of critical medical devices. This proactive approach to energy management helps maintain high standards of patient care.

4. Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency

Operating a healthcare facility is energy-intensive, but NovaVue can help you manage and reduce these costs. By identifying inefficiencies and providing actionable insights, our software enables you to optimize energy use, reduce waste, and achieve significant cost savings. These savings can then be redirected towards improving patient services and facility upgrades.

5. Compliance and Reporting

Healthcare facilities must adhere to stringent regulatory standards. NovaVue simplifies compliance by generating detailed reports and documentation that demonstrate adherence to these standards. Whether you need to report on energy usage, sustainability initiatives, or regulatory compliance, NovaVue provides the data and insights you need.

6. Environmental Sustainability

Healthcare facilities have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact. NovaVue supports your sustainability goals by helping you track and reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and implement green initiatives. Our software enables you to make data-driven decisions that contribute to a healthier environment.

7. Proactive Maintenance and Reduced Downtime

NovaVue’s predictive analytics capabilities help you stay ahead of potential issues. By monitoring power trends and identifying anomalies, you can schedule maintenance proactively, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime and ensuring continuous operation of critical systems.

8. Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Stay informed with real-time alerts and notifications. NovaVue keeps you updated on critical events, allowing you to respond swiftly to any power-related issues. This immediate response capability is crucial in a healthcare setting where every second counts.

Experience the NovaVue Advantage

With Nova Power Cloud Solutions monitoring platform NovaVue, you’ll finally get unprecedented access to your healthcare facility utility main meter & sub-metering data and alarms.  Our solution leverages our custom-developed technology to deliver cloud-based energy monitoring services tailored to the specific needs of your facility.

NovaVue is an enterprise utility management platform that includes on premise software that collects metering data and sends it to an off-premise cloud-based secure server which you access via our NovaVue Web portal or iOS application.

NovaVue collects, protects, and analyzes building electrical, mechanical, and environmental data from any vendors meters, or BAS system.  We store that data forever in our secure cloud and provide you 24x7x365 access to not only the trending data, but also alarm and event history.

We are completely vendor agnostic and operate as an overlay to your current systems.  That means you don’t need to “rip and replace” anyting.  We support all major vendors equipment like Eaton, Seimens, Honeywell, EIG, Schneider Electric, SEL, Acuvim and more.

At Nova Power Cloud Solution Inc., we are dedicated to helping healthcare facilities optimize their energy management through innovative solutions. NovaVue offers the reliability, accuracy, and efficiency needed to support high-quality patient care and operational excellence.

Joint Commission Generator Reports

Cloud Based Storage Of Metering Data

Real Time Access To Your Data

Easy Data Export to CSV or PDF

Current Event and Alarm List

Waveform Capture from Power Quality Meters

Custom alarm point thresholds

Geo mapping of all meters and devices

Web Portal and iOS App

Key benefits:

  • Hardware independent Cloud SaaS based IoT management platform
  • Seamless overlay on top of existing power metering hardware / software
  • Unlimited utility meter data storage
  • On or off premise data access
  • Vendor agnostic system integration
  • Safe access to electrical metering data without unsafe exposure
  • Incredibly cost effective to implement


  • Instant access to meter data via web portal or iOS device regardless of location
  • Automated system monitoring and alarming
  • Automated energy reporting complying with:
    • LEED® v4.1 EA – Advanced Energy Metering
    • ASHRAE® 90.1 Energy Code 8.4.3 – Electrical Energy Monitoring
    • NFPA 70® National Electrical Code 220.87 – Load Metering

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