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Get a detailed assessment report of your existing energy monitoring systems


You can’t manage what you can’t see

Our engineers and technical staff have over 100 years combined experience in designing and implementing utility and energy monitoring systems.   

If you are having trouble with your existing infrastructure, or even knowing what you have, we offer a professional assessment service for our clients.  

Our staff will come on-site and perform walkthroughs of your environment, documenting what exists, how it is connected and communicating, and what improvements could be made to achieve your monitoring goals.

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System Assesments for Energy Manageement and Sustainability Projects

Many energy management and sustainability projects require an initial overhaul of the metering infrastructure in order to accurately produce the data needed for the project.  Old or broken meters which can’t deliver data can cripple a project right from the start.

Our system assessment service provides detailed report to your staff as to the current state of your metering infrastructure.  We take our time and perform a deep dive onsite analysis of all the critical metering and data deliver components.   We then make recommendations for improvement based on the goals you wish to achiever and the budget / time frame you have.

We are completely vendor agnostic and therefore are not tied to any OEM’s equipment or design restrictions.  We only recommend what is best for your system.

Contact us today to discuss your metering or monitoring project and how our team of experienced professionals can help.

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