Data Acquisition in NovaVue

Welcome to Nova Power Cloud Solutions, your gateway to advanced and adaptable data acquisition. NovaVue, our flagship platform, excels in harnessing and harmonizing data from diverse sources, empowering your energy management systems to operate with unparalleled efficiency and intelligence.

Total Vendor Neutrality

NovaVue sets a new standard in the industry with its vendor-agnostic capabilities. This means that regardless of the device manufacturer, NovaVue ensures flawless connectivity and data integration. Whether you’re utilizing meters, sensors, building automation systems (BAS), or leveraging vendor APIs, NovaVue eliminates compatibility concerns, making data collection seamless and efficient.

Robust Protocol Support

At the core of NovaVue’s versatility is its extensive support for a wide array of communication protocols, ensuring that no device is left behind:

  • Modbus: Vital for industrial automation, facilitating dependable data acquisition from machinery and equipment.
  • BACnet: The backbone of modern building management, enabling enhanced control over building automation.
  • SNMP: Essential for real-time monitoring of networked devices, improving network management.
  • MQTT: Streamlines messaging across IoT devices, optimizing data transmission over networks.
  • LoRaWAN: Designed for long-range communication, perfect for smart city implementations and remote monitoring.

Cloud Based Storage Of Metering Data

Real Time Access To Your Data

Easy Data Export to CSV or PDF

Current Event and Alarm List

Waveform Capture from Power Quality Meters

Custom alarm point thresholds

Geo mapping of all meters and devices

Web Portal and iOS App

Advanced Local Data Handling

NovaVue differentiates itself with an advanced on-premise agent that interfaces directly with local devices and meters. This sophisticated agent not only communicates with your on-site equipment but also processes the data locally. This initial processing ensures that the data is optimized for transmission, maintaining integrity and reducing latency.

Secure Global Cloud Infrastructure

After local processing, the data is securely transmitted to our global cloud infrastructure. Our cloud platform is built with security at its forefront, ensuring that your data is protected with the latest encryption and security protocols. This dual-layer approach of local processing and secure cloud transmission guarantees that your data is not only accurate but also securely stored and readily accessible for analysis and decision-making.

Why Choose NovaVue?

  • Complete Compatibility: Effortlessly integrate with any system or device, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Simplified Integration: Easy setup with your existing infrastructure, reducing deployment time and costs.
  • Powerful Data Management: From collection to visualization, handle all your data efficiently in one unified platform.
  • Future-Proof Technology: Continuous updates support new technologies and protocols, keeping your system on the cutting edge.

Transform your data acquisition with NovaVue. Contact Nova Power Cloud Solutions to learn more or to schedule a demonstration. Let us show you how NovaVue can elevate your data management to new heights.

NovaVue Integrates with Industry Leading OEM’s and Partners

How NovaVue Works

1. A NovaVue On-site Agent collects data from existing meters/systems

2. Metric and Status data is streamed to our secure, intelligent cloud

3. You and your trusted partners access the information you need via secure web portal or phone app.

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