NovaVue for MEP's & Other Partners


Partner with Nova Power Cloud Solutions and add value to your clients.

Legacy building metering platforms do not meet the dynamic needs of today’s high-performance facilities.  These systems are often susceptible to many drawbacks including:

  • Disparate systems
  • Disparate vendors
  • Disparate protocols

These issues lead to a variety of problems:

  • Limited Local Data Archive
  • Limited Data Fidelity
  • Multiple Head-Ends
  • Multiple Data Pockets
  • Difficult Access
  • Difficult Cross-Platform Analysis

    Real Time Access To All Data

    Easy Data Export to CSV or PDF

    Current Event and Alarm List

    Waveform Capture from Power Quality Meters

    Custom alarm point thresholds

    Web Portal and iOS App

    The solution is partner with Nova Power Cloud Solutions  and implement our advanced IIoT monitoring platform NovaVue.  Your clients will finally get unprecedented access to their building utility main meter & sub-metering data and alarms.  Our solution leverages our custom-developed technology to deliver cloud-based IoT services tailored to the specific needs of your facility.

    How we help you continue to add value to your clients.


    • How do I know if I can add load to a chiller, generator, switchboard?

    -We can give real time and long-term historical load data in seconds.


    • Lots of events and disruptions.

    -When disruptions happen, we document and provide a permanent record.

    Value Added Service Opportunity:

    • If you need to retro commission, what do you have to do? Typically, lots of manual labor.

    -We can provide the data real time

    -Make models more accurate in the future

    Other services we provide:

    • We can provide guide form specifications
    • During design – We assist with IoT architecture and design.
    • In construction- We can review equipment submittals for compatibility.
    • During startup – We can assist with onboarding and commissioning devices.


    • Energy Consumption
    • Utility Quality Monitoring
    • System Capacity
    • Predictive Analytics
    • LEED Advanced Energy Metering
    • EUI Documenting
    • GHG Reduction Tracking
    • Operating Efficiency – Retro-Commissioning (RCx)
    • Data Federation to third Party OEM


    • Modern Hybrid-Cloud Based IIoT System
    • Overlay (allows existing systems to remain)
    • Low Profile (minimal – if any – hardware)
    • Cross Platform Data Access
    • Cross Protocol Data Aggregation
    • Continuous Access (on-prem or off-prem)
    • Simple Easy Access (Web or iOS)
    • Limitless Data Storage Capacity
    • Resilient Archive

    NovaVue Integrates with Industry Leading OEM’s and Partners

    How NovaVue Works

    1. A NovaVue On-site Agent collects data from existing meters/systems

    2. Metric and Status data is streamed to our secure, intelligent cloud

    3. You and your trusted partners access the information you need via secure web portal or phone app.

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