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Welcome to NovaVue: Advanaced Energy Consumption Monitoring

Understanding and managing the amount of energy consumed at your facility is critical and can have a direct impact on your operational expenses and the bottom line. With energy costs on the rise and environmental regulations becoming more stringent, organizations need a robust solution to monitor, manage, and optimize their energy usage effectively. NovaVue stands out as the premier platform for comprehensive energy consumption monitoring.

NovaVue is not just a tool; it is your partner in transforming how you manage energy consumption across your entire organization. From real-time monitoring to in-depth reporting and alerting, NovaVue provides everything you need to optimize your operations, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. 

Comprehensive Monitoring Across All Utility Inputs

NovaVue is uniquely designed to monitor a wide range of utility inputs, including:

  • Electricity: Track consumption in real-time, monitor peak usage, and analyze load distribution.
  • Water: Monitor usage patterns, detect leaks, and optimize water consumption.
  • Gas: Keep tabs on gas consumption with precision, helping to manage costs and ensure safety.
  • Co-generation Systems: Monitor both the input and output to maximize efficiency and performance.
  • Renewables: Track production from solar panels and wind turbines to ensure you’re maximizing your green energy use.

By providing a unified platform to monitor these diverse inputs, NovaVue enables a holistic view of your facility’s energy and utility usage.

Cloud Based Storage Of Energy Data

Real Time Access To Your Data From Anywhere

Easy Data Export to CSV or PDF

Current Event and Alarm List

Custom alarm point thresholds

Geo mapping of all meters and devices

Web Portal and iOS App

Real-Time Monitoring, Alarming, and Reporting

NovaVue excels in delivering detailed insights through:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay updated with live data feeds that allow for immediate action and response.
  • Customizable Alarms: Set alarms for any operational parameter to get instant notifications of deviations, ensuring swift corrective measures.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generate detailed reports that provide insights into energy consumption patterns, helping to identify areas for cost reduction and efficiency improvements.
  • Dynamic Dashboards: Visualize data through customizable dashboards that display key performance indicators and metrics at a glance.

Scalability and Vendor Agnosticism

One of the most significant advantages of NovaVue is its scalability and vendor-neutral architecture. Whether you’re managing a single building or multiple sites across a global organization, NovaVue scales effortlessly to meet your needs.

  • Vendor Agnostic: NovaVue supports any data protocol, making it compatible with all types of energy meters and devices, regardless of the manufacturer. This flexibility ensures that you can integrate NovaVue into your existing infrastructure without the need for costly replacements or upgrades.

  • Support for Any Data Protocol: No matter the type of data protocol your devices use, NovaVue can handle it. This universal compatibility removes barriers to entry and simplifies the integration process.

Why Choose NovaVue?

Choosing NovaVue means opting for a powerful, flexible, and reliable solution that not only monitors and reports on your energy consumption but also provides actionable insights to reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency. With NovaVue, you gain:

  • Control Over Your Energy Costs: Effective monitoring leads to better management, allowing you to significantly reduce operational expenses.
  • Compliance and Sustainability: Meet regulatory requirements and enhance your company’s sustainability profile by using energy more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: Armed with accurate and comprehensive data, make strategic decisions that align with your organization’s goals and operational needs.


Discover the power of true energy intelligence with NovaVue. Join us today to start your journey towards smarter energy management.

    NovaVue Integrates with Industry Leading OEM’s and Partners

    How NovaVue Works

    1. A NovaVue On-site Agent collects data from existing meters/systems

    2. Metric and Status data is streamed to our secure, intelligent cloud

    3. You and your trusted partners access the information you need via secure web portal or phone app.

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