The NovaVue Solution

Your Critical Data, Anytime. Anywhere.

Our mission is to empower Owners, Operators, and Engineers in facility & energy management roles with the critical data they need to make both operational and strategic decisions in real time.

The NovaVue Solution is a vendor agnostic software platform which provides users with high visibility into building performance metrics and can seamlessly federate data to 3rd party analytics platforms.  NovaVue is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that was fully developed in-house to specifically target critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers, life-science, higher education, and manufacturing facilities.  We provide our clients with a constant connection to real-time facility Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as power consumption, system capacity, and functional efficiency and quality.  Our platform is called ‘NovaVue’ and is currently in version 5.0.

The NovaVue IIoT software platform is adept at simultaneously acquiring data streams from multiple native facility systems and devices including (but not limited to): Building Automation Systems (BAS), power monitoring systems, monolithic infrastructure equipment, third-party renewable generation assets, and other custom sensors/devices.  Our software’s overlay architecture is designed to acquire data from existing systems & sensors without disruption to those systems (e.g., the in-place systems can still operate in conjunction with their existing sensors without interruption).  Device data streams are bifurcated on the host network then preprocessed on-premises before being streamed to our cloud hosted platform through an encrypted SSL tunnel.

Our cloud database & middleware allows selected administrative level users to curate the devices and their attributes as well as set-up monitoring alarms and post-processing analytics.  Our User Interface (UI) is accessed through a HTML 5.0 web portal or iOS application available in the Apple App Store.  Our modern UI features interactive graphics that clearly display device data in multiple forms including custom historical trend charts, heat maps and ad-hoc reports.  Data is easily downloadable in .CSV or PDF reports.  Our UI also allows users to create and edit their own system alarms and notifications.  Alarms can be simple or complex (Boolean type) with conditional inputs from multiple devices.  Users can define their own alarm severity and notification regime.  Notifications can be informational (silent), email and/or SMS text message.

By combining the core tenants of Industry 4.0 including native device interconnection through an IoT framework, comprehensive data collection and aggregation in a cloud database and the power of software driven post-analytics, NovaVue gives facility owners unprecedented access to real-time data to make critical facility operational or strategic decisions.

Our super experienced team of engineers can also help get your energy monitoring projects off the ground.  Begin with full System Assessment to get a report on your existing energy monitoring estate along with recommendations for improvements.